Dr. Stone Chapter 87 – Release Date, Spoiler and Raw Scan

Money, Dr. Stone Chapter 86 we saw how  Ryusui’s made currency named “Dragos“. Whereas he is now in hunt of Oil and believes that he will be rich. Ryusui had made the deal and will be taking everyone with him on the other side of the world. Dr. Stone Chapter 87 will be out soon and in this post, we are going to see its Spoiler and release date

Dr. Stone Chapter 87 Release date and spoiler


This chapter is going to be a spoiler and there is a huge possibility that we might see some new characters.  For those who want to know more about Dr. Stone Manga Chapter 87 keep reading the spoiler. 

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Dr. Stone Manga Chapter 87 Spoiler

As we saw how Senku is motivating everyone and it is was insanse to see. In Chpater 87, the hard work to create a huge balloon so that everyone could go to the other side of the world to get Oil

Chapter 87 will focuse on the hot air balloons and the initiative Senku takes for everyone. With this activity we will see Senku’s transformation as a complete new character. We will also see how Senku will use different methods to extract oil from underway. 

Dr. Stone Chapter 87 will be focused more on Senku and how he leads everyone to the other world. There is no confirmation if we get to see the execution of the Hot Air Balloon. All we could do is wait for the chapter to get aired. 

Dr. Stone Manga Chapter 87 Release Date

For those, who are concern about Dr. Stone Manha 87 release date, it is going to get aired on 15 December 2018.

Dr. Stone Manga Chapter 87 RAW

Dr. Stone Chapter 87 RAW scan will get release a day prior to the official English version. We will lupdate the RAW scan as soon as we come across to it. 

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