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Finally, Boruto’s Mitsuki Arc is getting interesting. Naruto’s involvement was not seen in the episode, but Episode 87 gives a clear hit of Naruto’s presence. In Boruto Episode 88 we are going to some great action. As Boruto and others have been captured and Onoki has realised his mistake.

In this post, we are going to talk about Boruto Episode 88 and we welcome your thoughts. We are also going to see the release date and Spoiler for this episode.

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Boruto Episode 88 Spoiler

After looking at the preview, it has become clear that Boruto Episode 88 Konoki is going to realize his mistake. Lord Ku is seen greedy and he might do the heart transplant with one of the shinobi from Leaf village.

We have seen Boruto asking so many questions and one thing has become clear that a huge battle is awaiting. Naruto appearing in the village means a huge battle. This also means that Lord Ku will not be an easy opponent.

We will see Onoki stopping Lord Ku for what he has done, but Lord Ku refuses with desperation and ask the other Artifical humans to kill them. Later we will see Shikadai’s entry who have come to save them.

If there is any action involved then we might definitely see Konahamaru or Naruto by the end of the Episode. This also gives us a hint that the Mitsuki’s Arc is coming to an end and also we are actually going to see Mitsuki’s purpose.

Boruto Episode 88 Preview

In the preview we see Sai’s kid inspecting the situation and see how he manages to save everyone. Also, Boruto EP 88 is already aired on Hulu and Crunchy roll. Not only that Boruto is on the top listed anime on Hulu

Boruto Episode 88 Release Date

Boruto Episode 88 has been delayed due to New Year and it is going to get its release on 6th January 2019. Boruto Episode 88 is going to an epic episode and we are going to see some real action in this episode.

If you still have anything to discuss about this episode we are here for an open discussion.

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One Piece is planning huge for its 20th Anniversary happening in 2019. The first trailer for “One Piece Stampede” got its release on 11 December 2018. This movie will be their 14th movie. 

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There is no information on the story but the trailer leaves us with a lot of speculations. It looks like the sum of all the Arc. The trailer shows about Luffy’s Hat, Ace’s death and more. 

One Piece Stampede will be published and shared by TOEI Anime and most probably the details will be released during the Jump Festa 2019

One Piece Stampede Trailer

The only thing that we have to talk about is One Piece Stampede Trailer. It showcases some of the events from the past. We believe that TOIE Anime wants to keep things secret until the Jump Festa 2019. 

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One Piece Stampede Release Date

For those who are not yet aware of the release date, One Piece Stampede will get released in Japan on 9th August 2019. To get more information related to the movie, we will have to wait till the Jump Festa 2019. It is expected the official movie trailer to get released during the event. 

If you have anything to discuss related to the movie, feel free to share your thoughts in the comment below.

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One Piece Episode 865 is out and finally, we see Luffy’s improvement on his reflexes. Finally One Piece Big Mom Arc is taking a step toward the end. Katakuri has analyzed that Luffy has developed a new power as him.  Apart from that, we saw Charlotte Flampe Big Mom’s 36th daughter. One Piece Episode 866 is getting its release next week and here we are with the spoiler. 

One piece episode 866


For those, who want to know more about this episode keep reading this post. One Piece Episode 866 is titled “Finally He Returns

One Piece Episode 866 Spoiler

This is definitely the favorite part of all the One Piece fans & geeks out there. Before we talk about Luffy vs Katakuri, let’s discuss Big Mom. Looking at the title of One Piece Episode 866, it becomes clear that we will see Sanji’s appearance. As per the preview, we saw Sanji Preparing the cake which is a clear indication that Big Mom’s hunger pang is about to end. 

As per the report, One Piece Episode 866 is going to 1-hour episode where we might see an end to the Big Mom’s Arc. It is yet to get an official confirmation. Also, this episode will be the last One Piece episode of the year 2018. 

Now talking about Katakuri vs Luffy, we might finally see Luffy back in action. The title of this episode also indicates to Luffy as he is there fighting to Kataluri alone. We will see how Flampe interferes in the battle making Katakuri angry. 

Being an hour-long episode, we might finally see an end to the Big Mom’s Arc in 2018. if this is going to happen, then we are also excited to see Straw Hat Crews escape.  Also, by the end of Episode, we will get to know the hint of another Arc. 

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One Piece Episode 866 Preview

One Piece Episode 866 preview clearly shows Sanji’s appearance and this can be the end of the Big Mom Arc. We see Sanji preparing Cake for Big Mom and this is where we believe that the Big Mom Arc could come to an in on OP Episode 866

One Piece Episode 866 Release Date

Even after being at the end of the year and Christmas time, One Piece is not delayed. The One Piece Episode 866 will get its release on 23rd December 2018. We are yet to get an official confirmation if the episode is going to be an hour-long episode. 

We will keep you updated about the series. If you have anything else to discuss or ask, feel free to ask in the comment below. 

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In Boruto Episode 86 we saw how Onoki tells Boruto about his grandson 
Kozuchi. As Kozuchi was close to Onoki he plans on creating an artificial shinobi who could protect his people. Things get clear when we see Onoki reading Kozuchi’s book and since then he is under a mission to make an army to protect his people. Boruto Episode 87 is titled  “The Sensation of Living” which describes a lot about the Episode. 

Boruto Epiosde 87

Before we talk about Boruto Episode 87, let’s gather some valuable information from Episode 86. The last episode confirms that the once behind everything is the Scientist. Onoki tells the whole story how the scientist and he create the core team and Akuta. One of the biggest secret that Onoki shared with Boruto that they are using White Zetsu’s cells to create the army.

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Onoki reveals that Mitsuki is the perfect Synthetic human and he is the only one who could make this happen. On the other hand, KU is about to kill 5 shinobis and use their heart to extend their life. By the end of the episode, we saw Kakou’s appears and this brings the battle between Boruto and Kakou


Boruto Episode 87 Spoiler

In Boruto Episode 87 we will be seeing Boruto fighting with Kakou and this is the time when Onoki will realize his mistake. During their battle, we will surely see how Kakou revels his will of living. After knowing Kakou’s will of living will make Onoki realize the mistake he has done. 

There is a huge possibility that Onoki will involve in a fight with and save Boruto and will go to his village to stop Ku. On the other hand we will see Kirara fighting against Sarada and Others. This ensures that Boruto Episode 87 is full of fight and action. Whereas Shikadai is the concern, we might finally see him getting captured. 

There is a huge possibility that Konahamaru might appear in this episode.  Preview of Boruto Episode 87 clearly shows that the whole episode is going to have an action pack. 

Boruto Episode 87 Preview

Boruto Episode 87 Release Date

The last episode of the year, Boruto Episode 87 will get its release on 23rd December 2018. Boruto Episode 88 will become the first Boruto Episode for 2019

If you guys made it till here, you’re definitely the top geeks of anime.  So, in case you have anything to share about this episode, feel free to put your thoughts in the comment below.

Where To Watch Boruto Online?

Boruto is currently streaming on Hulu & Crunchyroll. If you have any other subscription like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Xfinity Stream, VUDU, etc. for example, then you can check once but, we’re not sure if any of them have it.


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Money, Dr. Stone Chapter 86 we saw how  Ryusui’s made currency named “Dragos“. Whereas he is now in hunt of Oil and believes that he will be rich. Ryusui had made the deal and will be taking everyone with him on the other side of the world. Dr. Stone Chapter 87 will be out soon and in this post, we are going to see its Spoiler and release date

Dr. Stone Chapter 87 Release date and spoiler


This chapter is going to be a spoiler and there is a huge possibility that we might see some new characters.  For those who want to know more about Dr. Stone Manga Chapter 87 keep reading the spoiler. 

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Dr. Stone Manga Chapter 87 Spoiler

As we saw how Senku is motivating everyone and it is was insanse to see. In Chpater 87, the hard work to create a huge balloon so that everyone could go to the other side of the world to get Oil

Chapter 87 will focuse on the hot air balloons and the initiative Senku takes for everyone. With this activity we will see Senku’s transformation as a complete new character. We will also see how Senku will use different methods to extract oil from underway. 

Dr. Stone Chapter 87 will be focused more on Senku and how he leads everyone to the other world. There is no confirmation if we get to see the execution of the Hot Air Balloon. All we could do is wait for the chapter to get aired. 

Dr. Stone Manga Chapter 87 Release Date

For those, who are concern about Dr. Stone Manha 87 release date, it is going to get aired on 15 December 2018.

Dr. Stone Manga Chapter 87 RAW

Dr. Stone Chapter 87 RAW scan will get release a day prior to the official English version. We will lupdate the RAW scan as soon as we come across to it. 

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One Piece Big Mom’s arc is about to end and we are soon going to see Luffy’s victory over Katakuri. The best part about One Piece Episode 865 is that it’s going to be a 1-hour special episode. It is more like a treat for the One Piece fan for new year. 

Onepiece episode 865

In this 1-hour special episode, we are going to see an intense battle between Katakuri and Luffy. We are also going to witness Charlotte Flampe, Katkuri’s sister who will be interfering in the battle. 

For those, who are more interested in knowing more about One Piece Episode 865 can continue reading this post. In this post we are going to discuss One Piece Episode 865 Spoiler and its release date.

One Piece Episode 865 Spoiler 

After Jimbe’s and big mom’s fight, it is sure that Big Mom will go after the Sunny. On the other hand, Sanju along with Beje are moving according to the plan. In this episode, we are going to see more of Luffy v/s Katakuri. According to the source, One Piece Episode 865 will bring an end to Luffy’s fight. 

We will be seeing how Luffy remember everything about his training. We will see how Katakuri will be beaten by Luffy. But seeing this, 
Charlotte Flampe will interfere in the fight. Being this unfair, Katakuru will injure himself and ask her to leave. 

It’s not sure if we would get to see the end of the battle in the same episode, but it is clear that in the coming few episodes the Big Mom Arc will come to an end. If this is an end to Luffy vs Katauri, then we are going to witness Katakuri on his back for the first time. 

What’s more interesting to watch is how Luffy and his crew will make an escape form the Big Mom’s Island. 

Watch One Piece Episode 865 Preview

One Piece Episode 865 Release Date

With 1-hour long episode, the good thing is that there is no delay and One Piece Episode 865 will get a release on 16 December. If there is any change in the schedule, then we will update you geek fellas here. 

If you have anything else to discuss about One Piece, then feel free to share your thoughts in the comment below. 

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Dr Stone chapter 83

Dr. Stone Chapter 83: Epilogue of the Stone Wars

Release Date: 17 November 2018

Dr. Stone Chapter 83 is finally out and as expected we saw a reinforcement from Senku side. It was expected that Hyouga’s backup would come, but that did not happen. Now we are seeing Senku on a journey to create the new Kingdom of Science. What was surprising to us how Senku wanted to keep Hyouga alive.

It was also good to see Tsukasa alive but was upset for destroying stone statues. With the end of this chapter, the 3rd Arc of Dr. Stone has started & everyone is eager to know what we could expect from chapter 83.

Note: Dr. Stone chapter 83 will have a colored front page.

In this article, we are going to discuss with you the Expected spoiler for Chapter 83. We are also open to your thoughts on this new arc.

Dr. Stone Expected Spoiler

The last page of chapter 82 clearly shows that Dr. Stone chapter 83 will be focused on the source of petrification. This confirms that Senku will have to go through a much harder way. According to his statement, “With Science, we will locate the source of the Petrification”

If we go with the exact meaning of Pertification, then we will see Senku finding the process through which he could expose organic matter exposed to minerals so that he can turn it into a stony substance (This is just an exact meaning). Now we have to wait to see how he will exactly execute it.

Apart from this, we might also see how everyone will help Senku to build a kingdom of science.

Dr. Stone Release Date:

Talking by Dr. Stone chapter 83 release date this chapter will air on 17th November 2018. This is just the expected spoiler for Chapter 83, but the official spoiler will be out a few days to its release. Hence, we request you geeks to check back on us for regular update.

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Chapter: Dr. Stone Chapter 82

Release Date: 12 November 2018

In the last chapter, we saw a perfect combination of Science and Power & it was amazing to see Tsukasa & Senku taking Hyouga. It was clear that Hyouga have an evil way to get peace in this world.

Talking about the last chapter it was clear that either Tsukasa & Senku could defeat Hyouga alone. Seeing both of them getting beaten was unexpected, but later it turned out to be their plan. The purpose of getting beaten was to get close to Hyouga so that they can defeat him with the high voltage current. This is why I said, it was the best combination of Science & Power.

In this article, we are going to discuss Dr. Stone chapter 82 spoiler. This spoiler is not complete as we have got our hand on just a few parts of this chapter.

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Dr. Stone Chapter 82 Spoiler:

Hyouga is not an easy opponent to get down so easily, but getting 100,000 volts shock will get him unconscious for some time. His subconsciousness will give Tsukasa & Senku some time to execute their next move. With this attack, all 3 of them are now in the equal state & all three of them need some time to recover.

In this chapter, we are also going to see “Yo’s” presence & also expected to get equal reinforcement on both the side. It was not properly declared if the reinforcement will arrive at the same time.

In this chapter, we are finally going to see an epic battle between Senku’s & Hyouga’s team. This chapter will give a hint for the final outcome of this battle & we will see either Hyouga defeated or retreating for survival. To know that we will have to wait for chapter 83 to release.

Release Date:

If you want an early access to this chapter, then you can check the RAW version on 10 November. Whereas. the English version of this chapter will release on 12 November.

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Manga Chapter: Dr Stone Chapter 81

Release Date: 5 November

The last Chapter of Dr. Stone clearly showed Hyouga’s plan & what everyone is excited to know if Senku will join hands with him. This chapter also made it clear that in Chapter 81 we will be seeing Tsukasa & Senku fighting against Hyouga. The most unexpected thing was how he decided to clean up the world population.

Hyouga made it clear that both he and Senku wants the same thing & hence wants to join him. One of the funniest parts was when Huouga threaten Tsukasa to join him. In this Article, we are going to talk about what the spoiler for Chapter 81 & if you are one of those who doesn’t like spoilers, then you should skip this article.

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There is no doubt that Senku & Hyouga have the same thought, but it is also clear that the way to execute it is different. This chapter is going to focus on the battle between Tsukasa & Senku fighting against Tsukasa.

In this chapter, we will see a proper combination of Scient & Power. It is sure that Hyouguga is quite powerful to defeat & hence we are expecting to see an amazing battle in 2v/s 1. It is also clear that this chapter will be the final battle between the three of them.

There is a huge possibility that Senku along with Tsukasa will defeat Hyouga make him realize his wrong thoughts. As he said only Exile has the right to live, which means after the defeat he becomes the victim of his own word.

What we really want to know if Tsukasa could realize he mistake and join Senku or will get defeated. To know what exactly will happen in this chapter, we will have to wait until the chapter releases.

Release Date:

Dr. Stone Chapter 81 will release on 5th November 2018 and in this chapter, we will get to know the result of the final battle. What we geeks are really excited to know about is how Senku along with Tsukasa make a proper use of Science and power respectively.

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